Things Sabine can do when she grows up.

So, I haven’t had much to write about recently … Or more I haven’t had much time to put into logical order the things I think about writing. About? That sentence sounds weird. Anyway, I figured I’d just toss some fluff out there while I’m pondering how hilarious my oldest hellcat is. These are things Sabine says she can do when she grows up “like a mommy”:

– drive a car
– wear a seatbelt (vs. Riding in the carseat)
– drink coffee
– have milk in her nipples to feed babies
– fix her own ponytail
– push a big buggy (at the grocery store)
– change diapers (WHY does she want to do this?!?)
– take me to the doctor when I’m sick
– watch scary movies
– get married to daddy, Lilith, and me so we can all live together forever

See? The kid is funny. And sweet. Though slightly misguided occasionally.