The status of my house.

If a burglar broke into my house right now, they’d turn and run back out the door.

Lilith is asleep next to me, pureed asparagus in her hair.  She even smells like asparagus.  I’m sure her night diaper will be pleasant in the morning.

Sabine is using the trash can as a drum set, along with some straws.  In her underwear.

The contents of my “baking cabinet” are emptied in the kitchen floor … bowls, my hand mixer, some cookie cutters, etc.

Clothes are strewn across the living room floor.  Mostly Sabine’s, but I’ll admit my socks are there, too.  Right where I left them when I took them off.

There are a few dishes in the sink.  Rinsed, but not washed.  The beds are unmade.  The tub is drained, but filled with toys.  We are currently the definition of “chaos”.

But … I am blissfully happy.  My children are fed, smiling, and comfortable, I am fed (although maybe a little uncomfortable because of just how much I was fed), my house is warm, the night is quiet, and I am very much in love with my family.


That’s Craftastic!

Let’s talk about something crafty.  Let’s talk about freezer paper stenciling.  Freezer paper stenciling is my new favorite obsession – it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s fun.  Even for kids.  If you don’t know what freezer paper stenciling is, it’s basically just using freezer paper (who would have guessed!?) to (wait for it) stencil items.  Fabric items.  We generally do t-shirts but I have also done dish towels and tote bags.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

An item to be stenciled

A design

Freezer paper

A cutting instrument (I use an Xacto knife)

Fabric paint

Some sort of brush (I use the foam craft kind)

An iron

1. Lay your freezer paper over the design you’ve picked for your project and follow the line to cut out your design.  Be careful – blood on your stencil isn’t a good thing.  You can do a regular stencil or a negative image one.  Either is cute.  If you’re using little helpers, I suggest leaving a lot of extra paper around the edges of the stencil to make the painting part less messy.

2. Iron your item you are going to stencil.  This is about the only time I iron.  Place a piece of the freezer paper inside of the item you’re going to stencil, or on the backside (depending on what you’re stenciling), so the paint doesn’t bleed to other layers or your surface.  Place the stencil waxy side down where you’d like it to be & iron it on.  It should seal to the fabric.

3.  Once the fabric is cool, paint inside your stencil.  This is the part Sabine generally does.

4. Let your paint dry for 24hrs.  Once dry, run the iron over your item again to seal the paint.  Then peel the freezer paper off.  Do you have a super cool painted stencil?  Because you should!

It’s really that easy.  Like I said, we do a lot of shirts … I typically get cheap shirts from or Garanamals.  Enjoy your crafting!