Taste-test Tuesday

Today wasn’t one of those crap days where I let my kid eat cartoon character soup from a can, but it was a little trying.  A simple & easy dinner was a must.  My meal plan dictated a broccoli quiche … but I really wasn’t feeling it.  After a dig through the cupboards I had a new plan.  And a good plan it turned out to be.  I don’t have a clever name for this so we’ll just call it Bean & Tomato Polenta.  Ooooh snazzy!

I started with this very basic polenta recipe.  Beyond that I used – a can of Northern Beans (Kroger brand organic 10/$10 – hey!) and a can of basil oregano diced tomatoes (so not organic, but don’t hate on my canned tomatoes).  Polenta was made as described above.  While making, I preheated the oven to 350.  Once the polenta was done I poured it into a casserole dish and baked for 10min.  Took it out of the oven and topped with tomatoes and beans, put it back in and cooked another 5min, then turned to broil and cooked another 5min.  That’s it.

I know I’m the worst recipe writer ever y’all but this was delicious.  And very filling.  2 out of 3 members currently in the TBFKAOP household gave RAVE reviews … and the 3rd doesn’t eat table food, so her opinion doesn’t count (stop skewing the stats, Lilith!)  I also really should have done pics before we polished off half the meal but, you know what?  I was hungry.


I also added a pic of the toilet conversion in the post below.  From polenta to toilets.  Man, I’m appetizing.


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