I should have been a plumber.

Since Brandon has been gone I’ve been tackling home projects a bit at a time.  He’s generally the home guru … but he does that man thing.  You know, plans a big project, heads to Lowe’s, buys things for 531905180 other projects but not the one we’re currently working on, and then nothing gets accomplished.  I, on the other hand, am a list maker and list crosser offer.  This works well for both of us because A) stuff gets done and B) Brandon doesn’t have to spend his weekends starting projects that won’t be finished.

I have always enjoyed plumbing projects, which is probably a little weird, but whatever.  The first home project I tackled was to replace the sink sprayer in our kitchen.  It had been broken since, well, not long after we moved in.  $5 and 10min gave me a functional sprayer and we both were thrilled.

Next up was replacing the stopper in the bathroom tub.  It was one of those where you pull the handle on the wall of the tub to trigger the tub to stop … but it was stuck somewhere between open and closed so the water wouldn’t stay filled for a bath but also drained slowly in the shower.  Changed it out.  Showers & baths are now groovy again.

Then I replaced a toilet donut.  This sucked.  I’m not even going to get into it, but it’s done now.

My most recent project was to convert our old, run of the mill, water wasting toilet into a dual flush eco-friendly one.  After reading some reviews and consulting my beloved EFFers, I settled on the HydroRight.  I couldn’t find it locally, so I ordered from Amazon, and two days later I had my kit.  I found it perched on my doorstep when I went home for my lunch break.  I was SO excited to tackle this project that I immediately tore through the box, read the directions, decided it was tackleable in <1hr and went to work … except I couldn’t find the flipping channel locks.  So it had to wait.

Hours later, armed with a set of channel locks on loan from my FIL (and the reassurance that, if I did indeed destroy my toilet, he would come fix it for me) I went to work.  The project took me about 20 minutes.  15 of that was taking the old flush lever off because it was so corroded and stuck.  Honestly – five minutes was all it took to drop the converter in and hook up the flush button.  I tested both buttons – they worked!  I made Sabine test both buttons – they still worked!  We had success.  And four wasted flushes, but who’s counting.

Three days later I’m still slightly obsessed with my toilet.  So obsessed that I’m blogging about it.  I really should have gone into plumbing.  It’s fun, I don’t suck at it, and damn they charge a lot so that could be good for me, financially.  I guess I’ll stick that somewhere on my dream job list … make-up editor for the now defunct Jane Magazine, record store owner, pirate, golf caddy and plumber.

I’ll follow-up with pics of the retrofit.  It’s gorgeous.  Or as gorgeous as a toilet gets, anyway.

**whoooooooooh toilet pic!!!**


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