Wordless Wednesday


Taste-test Tuesday

I’m going to intro a new spot to the blog – Taste-test Tuesday – in hopes of keeping me on track.  Let’s hope I remember to post other stuff too so that this doesn’t just turn into a recipe blog.  Not that recipe blogs are bad, but I want to cover a larger variety of topics.  Anyway …

Brandon is currently on week 3 of a 16 week stay at the police academy for their Fellowship Officer training program.  He’s gone Sunday nights through (laaaaate) Friday nights.  I’m not going to lie – it sucks a lot.  BUT, the positive side is that I can cook really ANYTHING I want.  Brandon is a way picky eater so there are a lot of recipes I see that I’d love to try, but know they’d be a flop at our house.  So, Sabine & I have been doing a lot of culinary experimenting.

Last night we made this Get Me To the Greek dip posted over on Tasty Kitchen.  It was seriously phenomenal, and took me all of five minutes to make in the Mini-Prep.  Since we needed pepperoncinis and olives anyway, we hit up Kroger’s olive bar and also picked up some dolmas and marinated artichoke hearts.  We got pitas for spreading, cukes & tomatoes for dipping, and had ourselves a blast.  It might be listed as an appetizer, but it made a perfectly quick, easy & delicious meal with our extras.  We had so much fun with it that I think we might incorporate a dip into dinner much more frequently!

Dear Diary:

Every New Year I am reminded of starting my first diary – 1989 – and how my first entry was about how eeeeevil my mom was for not letting me make brownies.  I vividly remember sitting in my kitchen and pondering how much 1990 would mean CHANGE.  It wouldn’t be the ’80’s anymore!  What if the ’90’s like, transformed the Earth overnight into some sort of Jetson-type space age!?  What would we doooooooooo?  And how would we do it without BROWNIES!?

I know, I know.  Ridiculous.  But, cut me some slack.  I was 7.  Jenn – you’ve come along way, baby.

I started this blog entry on New Year’s Eve, from my phone, but I was too full of champagne (and by “too full” I mean I’d had two glasses cause I’m now a light weight *ahem*) to properly finish my thoughts.  Three days later I may be ready.  Maybe.

The one thing I know is how much of a release writing is for me.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  My dad was a writer … well, a writer turned editor turned publisher.  I remember telling my dad in high school that I wanted to go into journalism.  He suggested the business side.  I countered that I wanted to write.  A column.  I wanted a syndicated column.  My dad signed heavily and removed his glasses (This was my tip off that what he was about to say was VERY important), “When I lived in Charleston, as a sports writer, my apartment was furnished with cardboard boxes.  I had a box for a table and I ate on the floor.  Don’t go into writing.  Do something that will allow you to support your family.”

I took his words to heart because, well, he was my dad and dad’s are smart and stuff.  I didn’t want to go into the business side of the newspaper industy because I hate businessy stuff honestly so I went in an entirely different direction.  And here I sit, 13 years later, with a job behind a desk that allows me to support my family.  And I like it.  I do, really. But the urge to write bites at me daily and is something I can’t shut down.  I’m a better person when I write.  I’m a happier person when I write.  I don’t have that whole mess of disconnected thoughts hopping about in my head.  Instead I have a mess of disconnected thoughts floating around the internet which is better for some reason (though I haven’t really figured that one out yet).

So, as I started ’89 with a goal to chronicle my world via Diary, I start ’11 with a vow to chronicle my world via blog (instead of just chronicling it via inner monologue, a la Angela Chase).  I think I can do that.  Staying true to this resolution really means staying true to myself.