Wearing your baby is the new black.

Since it’s been around for eons, I guess it’s probably the old black, too.  But babywearing has become somewhat of a trendy thing, no?  Websites and forums designated to it, photos of celebs popping up everywhere with slings and soft-structured carriers.  And why shouldn’t it be trendy?  Carriers, wraps & slings are pretty.  I should know.  I have um, morethanten.  They’re functional.  They’re comfy.  And they make your life SO much easier.

Sabine was a colicky baby.  5pm-11pm screaming non-stop kinda colicky.  What do you do when your kid screams for six hours a night and you have stuff to do?  You wear her, that’s what.  And the added bonus is it makes her at least somewhat happy when nothing else does and *sometimes* it even makes her quiet.  And happy.  And sleepy.  And that is a magnificent feeling when you’re in the middle of colic hell.

My babywearing obsession started with colic and moved into everyday life.  Sabine hated the stroller, so I wore her.  I flew with her solo cross country, so I wore her.  I needed a way to nurse on the go, so I wore her.  Lilith was born and a toddler aged Sabine demanded my attention (and hands), so I wore Lilith.  Lilith is a hard baby to get to sleep at night, so I wear her (while playing a CD of shower sounds, but I digress) … and so on and so forth.

I could go on for days about the myriad of instances in which babywearing saves my sanity.  Literally.  Last week was International Babywearing Week and I’d really hoped to have this blog post completed before the end of it but that somehow didn’t happen.  (Cut me some slack – I have a 2 year old, a 7 week old, and I’m transitioning into a new position at work (where I’ve also worn both Lilith and Sabine, though not simultaneously).)  I do, however, feel this blog post needs to be done in a timely manner (International Babywearing Week or not) because babywearing on the whole is coming under fire.

You may be aware of the sling recalls earlier this year by the CPSC.  The situations that prompted these recalls are truly saddening but they are NOT the fault of slings or baby carriers in general.  As much as we don’t like to think about it, bad things can happen to babies.  Bad things can happen to babies in a car seat, or a high chair, or in your arms, or on the floor.  That doesn’t mean those things are bad, or unsafe, or need government intervention.  They’re just truly unfortunate situations.

Babywearing is SAFE.  Babywearing is BENEFICIAL.  To both mother and baby.  Babywearing is an aspect of my life, and my children’s lives, where I do not need the government involved.  I don’t think you need the government involved in that aspect of your life either, do you?  Maybe if we were more vocal about the positive aspects of babywearing the noise from such would be louder than that of the few horrible situations blasted all over the media.  Maybe we need to keep talking until the CPSC listens.

So I want to hear from you guys – how has babywearing impacted your life?  What things has babywearing made possible, or easier, for you?