Snot & vinegar. Now that’s an eyecatching title.

I wanted to take a minute to extol the virtues (hello, idiom!) of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV, if you will).  And to talk about snot.  Because, really, what’s a good baby blog without some snot talk?  Today’s snot focus, however, will not be on the snot of a child, but rather on my snot.  Please stay with me.  I realize that I am losing my audience here, but I’m halfway into a Coca-Cola and I honestly cannot shut up at this point.

Anyway, my allergies suck this year.  It’s been a horrible allergy season for everyone.  In addition to that, we have some crap neighbors (or lack of crap neighbors, I guess, since they don’t seem to actually live IN their house) who don’t ever cut their grass.  Thus, their yard has turned into a mess of whatever that nasty weedy stuff is that pops up in the spring and isn’t pretty like dandelions.  That stuff messes with my head.  Big time.

I have been allergy battling for weeks and yesterday it hit me – this is turning into sinus funk.  You know that weird feeling you get in the back of your throat right before allergies cross that threshold into infection?  I had that.  And the rubber cement snot.  And the “ZOMG my EYEBALLS are going to EXPLODE!” feeling.  It was all there.

In this situation, normal people might go to the doctor.  I am not a normal person.  I hate going to the doctor, I hate antibiotics, but I also hate sinus funk.  So, instead I went to my fridge and got my trusty bottle of Bragg’s ACV and took a shot.  That’s right – I did a shot of vinegar.  I’m not even going to lie – this is possibly the most disgusting thing ever.  It tastes like rotting apples, it burns your throat, you have to drink 5839058109 glasses of water afterward to make the taste go away and still, you SMELL like rotting apples.  It’s gross.  But, you know what?  It works.  Several shots of ACV & several hours later, my throat was feeling less weird.  I SLEPT last night instead of waking up every hour to de-snotify my nose.  And I didn’t even have to cough up $30 for a co-pay.  Sure, I’ll be in gross tasting/smelling ACV hell for a few more days while I make sure the impending funk is truly gone, but it’s worth it.


ACV also kills heartburn.  True story.  You just have to get past that first burning throat sensation and then it’s gone.  And that, my friends, is more than worth smelling like rotting apples to a pregnant chick.


3 responses

  1. I don’t know about the snot talk, lol. But I LOVE apple cider vinegar. I suffer from major heartburn so now I AM SOOOOOO gonna buy some this weekend. Thanks hunny!

  2. OMG I MUST try this!!! I’m in sinus hell too and I hate the doctor, mostly because he will never give me any of the drugs I want to try, that I read about on the internet, that might make me smarter, sleepier, calmer, etc. So screw him. He’s not getting my $25! That’ll show him. After a few years of not getting that $ he’ll beg me to come back. Anyway, since it looks like I’ve got a couple of years of boycotting ahead of me this will be a kickass replacement. I will certainly try it!! And heartburn too! It’s a miracle liquid. Also, I like the idea of smelling like rotten apples, maybe I’ll get the bed all to myself for once!

  3. My husband always does a shot of ACV when he has heartburn and swears by it! (Mind you, he has acid reflux disease and is on a daily antibiotic for it as well and ONLY bc it is THAT uncomfortable!) Also, I am sorry to hear that you have crap neighbors…mine also do not know how to live IN their house and their filth carries into their yard and their language = filth. (I am not angel, but STILL!) Hope you don’t continue to have miserable allergy issues…I have been sleeping with the humidifier on, bah!

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