So, hi.

I’ve been locked out of WordPress for um, months.  I don’t know why.  But I kinda gave up trying to get back in after a few weeks.  I guess it works now so here I am.  I can feel the excitement.

I’m not good at that whole transitional writing crap so I’m just going to launch into a story about how weird my child is.  Every night before bed Sabine has to list the people & things she loves.  Sometimes she then re-lists them to emphasize that they’re all asleep.  It’s very Goodnight Moon-ish.  Or OCD.  Maybe both.

So, last night I tuck her in and go to my room.  I can hear her listing things she loves, and it all sounds pretty normal.  Then I hear, “I love rainbows.  An I love butterflies.  An monner (this is the monster that lives in our kitchen, FYI), an PawPaw, an a horse (except there’s no S in Sabine’s “horse”), an …. um.  CORN FIELDS!  I LOVE THE CORN FIELDS!”  WTF!?  This is the point where parenting becomes difficult.  Because you don’t want to laugh audibly but it’s really, really hard not to.

Then she goes back to rainbows and butterflies in the garden until she falls asleep.  I don’t know where she gets this, y’all.  I mean, I’m weird, but not in an adorable way like she is.

In other news I’m pregnant.  TA-DA!  I guess if you read this you probably already know that.  But just in case.  I’ll do a proper “Look at me!  I’m pregnant!” post later.  Since WordPress apparently doesn’t hate me anymore.


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