Sabine is conspiring to make me fat.

I try to eat healthy. I really do. Most of the time I do OK. I sorta fail miserably on the weekend, though. The weekends are for baking and generally being lazy. This weekend’s baking marathon involved cookies. Lots of cookies. Being the awesome parents that we are, we allowed Sabine to have ONE cookie before bed … then we binged on them after she went to sleep. We’re so nice. Taking the sugar hit for her and all.

Sabine is a good eater. She likes her veggies. She loves fruit. She also really likes cookies, though. So, this morning after I managed to choke down my barftastic, I mean healthily delicious, juicer concoction Sabine informs me: I wan coogie.

Me: We don’t eat cookies for breakfast, babe.

Sabine: I love coogies.

Me: Yeah, I love cookies too. But we don’t eat cookies for breakfast, okay?

Sabine: I wan coogie.

Me: We don’t even have cookies, Sabine. (silently: Because your Dad & I ate them all) There are no cookies here.

Sabine: I wan coogie.

Me: Maybe we should stop and get cookies when we leave the house. I do like cookies. AGH! Wait! I’m the MOM! We’re not getting cookies for breakfast!!!

Sabine: I love coogies.

Sabine ate cereal, instead. I followed up my juice with a piece of toast, because I could still taste pureed spinach. And I’m still thinking about cookies. My child is a bad influence.


I am normal.

Or maybe I’m not normal, but my homocysteine levels are!  5-15 is the normal range, with elevation being the concern.  Mine are 5.3!!!

I don’t have time for a proper blog post but I wanted to update, for anyone following.  Not only does this mean I can most likely have a relatively normal and uneventful second pregnancy, but this means that it is most likely not my fault that Sabine ran out of amniotic fluid & was so small.  It was most likely a fluke.  I did not do a disservice to my child.  And that means more than anything in the world to me.