Sabine is a little socially awkward.

Much like her mama. I turn into a moron in a lot of social situations. I sit there thinking of something really cool to say for the convo and then, when it’s time to actually talk, I just blurt out something random and idiotic. Never fails. Once people get to know me they sort of embrace my randomness (I think … you guys do, right?) but when meeting new people it’s a little … off putting. In other words, it makes people think I’m a dork. Which I am.

Anyway … Sabine & I were at the grocery store the other day and we passed another mom and her daughter in one of the aisles. The other mom and I both stop our carts because our kids were seemingly fascinated with each other. The other little girl looks at Sabine and says, “Hi, baby! How you?” Sabine smiles at the other little girl and starts making what I can only describe as stammering/grunting type noises. Then she blurts out, “I HAVE A CLIP!” and points to her hair clip.

Yup. She does have a clip. And that is what she wants you to know, sweet conversational, little girl. Sabine just sat there smiling. The little girl looked at her kinda like, “WTF?” and then said bye. Sabine was fine with echoing back the “bye” part. But, man. I can so totally relate to that whole interaction. Sometimes I just yell out “I HAVE A CLIP!” too.


4 responses

  1. That is hilarious. I often have the ‘missed opportunity’ plague when it comes to social settings. I think of the perfect, hilariously funny thing to say about 5 minutes after I had the opportunity. Ah well. We’ll see if DS inherits that. Hopefully not! 🙂

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