My husband and I are 12 year old girls.

Random text convo that just took place:

Me – I just bought orange duct tape for HALLOWEEN!

Brandon – L-A-M-E!

Me – You’re just jealousE.

Brandon – What-ev’s.

It wouldn’t be so funny if we didn’t generally speak to each other like this, but we do.  In all mediums of communication.

I’m giving you this funny anecdote as a way of distracting you from my not so lovely news … TTC (that’s trying to conceive, for those not in the know) # 2 is on hold until mid-November.  My consulting (should be ‘insulting’) OB is a douche and I may have a blood clotting disorder.  Yes, these two things are related.  So, we’re holding off on anything until my lab work gets back … which should be before November 18th.  We hope.  Unless Brandon has his way.  Here’s another gem:

Brandon – “I am SO going to pregnify you before then.”

Me – “DUDE!  10 foot pole rule!  I could be like, Alexei.”

Brandon – “Huh?”

Me – “You know, the hemopheliac Czar’s son.  Or rather, the hemopheliac son of Czar Nicholas.”

Brandon – “Which would be WEIRD!”

Me – “Ok, my turn to ‘Huh?'”

Brandon – “Because ‘Nikolas’ is what you want to name our potential son.  And you’d be like, his son.  But his mom.  Which would make him his own grandpa.  Or something.”

See?  Totally distracted you again.  Now you’re all going, “Those two are funny.  Or maybe weird” instead of “Awww.  Poor things can’t even TRY to have another baby.  SUCKAHS!”


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  1. I do not love the fact that you have to put off TTC, or the possible clotting disorder, but you and your DH sound way too cute – and that I love.

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