50 Things About Me.

I’m going to take a note from The Bloggess today and make a list all about me.  I did this a while back on FaceBook, but I think it’s time to share myself with the entire world … which sounds way kinky, now that I think about it.  That’s not what I meant.  Also, on FB, I only did 25.  I’m going to *try* to make it to 50 this time.  Oh yeah – and The Bloggess did stuff she likes about herself.  I’m just doing stuff about me.  Whether I like it or not.  So I guess it’s not really the same at all but whatever.

1. I can function on very little sleep. Will I endlessly bitch about it? Yes. But I will keep on rockin’ and/or rollin’.

2. I drink like my dad. I prefer my coffee black, my wine red, my tea overly sweet, and my beer a’plenty.

3. I’m not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up so I have a Top 5 list. One of the Top 5 is entirely impossible. One is attainable. The others most people would say are “silly”. I feel like I’ve thrown “astronaut” and “cowboy” on there.

4. My friends are really super cool. I have the most interesting and eclectic group of friends locally and across the country. You all make me a better person.

5. I like to eat. Often. And in large quantities.

6. In the past two years I have gone from being grammar stickler to throwing grammar rules out the window. Yeah, that’s my big flip off to the system. Rebel, rebel.

7. I like the way newspapers smell. I like the way the printing press smells better. But the smell I love the most is the smell of a paste-up board (Yes, they do have a smell), which sadly no longer exist, really.

8. I care more about what others think than I like to let on. I hate being hurt but I more hate others knowing they’ve hurt me.

9. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom … OK, not really.

10. I am really super hungry and overly ready for lunch.

11. I like spicy food a lot. A lot, a lot.

12. Ok, I like FOOD a lot. In general.

13. I am fascinated by Quakers. I sorta want to be one.

14. I buy Amish cheese (even though Holly tells me not to).

15. I love my dogs. I have always said that my dogs were like children and people would tell me that would change when I had Sabine … but it didn’t. My dogs are still my babies and, if anything, I love them even more now as I watch their relationship with her develop. They’re siblings, after all!

16. I have never watched an episode of American Idol.

17. I can’t stand to be in a silent room. I almost constantly have music playing.

18. I wish I could play the clarinet. Its cool.

19. I suck at caring for plants. There is one in my office that has somehow survived me for nearly six years. Every other plant I have killed pretty immediately. I think Office Plant is a masochist.

20. I have a weird sense of humor that people don’t often get, so I spend a lot of time looking like a dork.

21. I actually AM a dork, too.

22. When I was little I used to read Encyclopedias cover to cover, as if they were novels. For Christmas when I was five I asked for a set of Encyclopedias. I still have them.

23. For my birthday when I was seven I asked for a Thesaurus (Told you – dork).

24. I don’t like nuts in sweets. Except for Baklava. That’s different.

25. I can still wear shoes from the kids’ department.

26. I have had a deer throw up on me.

27. I have a stuffed bear named Curtis Mayfield.

28. I keep a copy of Freakonomics hidden in my desk drawer for slow days because I like statistics THAT much.

29. I like to watch dorky things like American Masters on PBS.  I like it so much that I pay $5 a month to add PBS to our satellite.

30. I often perv out to DeCon architecture.

31. I think Tucker Carlson is a hottie.  Even if I have to watch him on mute.

32. I hate soup as a meal.  I like soup – it’s normally yummy.  But it needs like, a loaf of bread to go along with it and make it a meal.

33. Are we done yet?

34. I am in need of more coffee.

35. Now I have more coffee.

36. I still haven’t stopped thinking about food.

37. I WILL make it to 40.  At least.

38.  I’m wearing a new shirt today and I’m a little pissed that no one has told me how cute I look.

39. I’m almost done with this thing.

40. Now I am done.

What?  Those last five or so things ARE about me, so it’s not really cheating.


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