So I don’t normally do this … BUT

But I want a Thermos snack container.  Ok?  Got a problem with it?  You shouldn’t … because they’re super rad and you can get one too.  Here’s the give away info, from TwitterMoms.

I don’t really know how these things work.  I’m not great at writing about things I’m told to write about.  I’m only good at being totally and completely random.  BUT, I tend to be able to follow directions (moderately) well so here we go.  Blogging about sneaking fruits and veggies into your kid’s food.

This is something I’m pretty good at.  Not because Sabine doesn’t like fruits and veggies, but because BRANDON doesn’t like fruits and veggies.  The answer to all life’s problems lies in The Sneaky Chef.  Ok, maybe not ALL life’s problems, but the life problems which involve husbands (and I guess kids) who eat nothing but pizza and tacos and spaghetti.  I swear I’m married to a 27 year old, y’all, but he eats like a four year old.  The Sneaky Chef makes that Ok though … because you sneak pretty tasteless veggie purees into boy, er, toddler food!  Totally stealthy, right?!

Here’s the other way I sneak fruits and veggies into my hus, er child’s diet … I lie.  “Does this have onions in it?”  “NO!  Of course not.”  See how easy life can be!?

So, there.  I think I did what I was supposed to do.  NO!  Wait!  I have to give you a link to LittleBlends from Horizon … which are like, yogurt thingies with fruits AND veggies mixed in.  And everyone I know who’s tried them says they’re delicious and don’t taste veggie-ish at all.  But I wouldn’t know because I live in podunk and we don’t get anything cool here.  But I still want a snack container.


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