50 Things About Me.

I’m going to take a note from The Bloggess today and make a list all about me.  I did this a while back on FaceBook, but I think it’s time to share myself with the entire world … which sounds way kinky, now that I think about it.  That’s not what I meant.  Also, on FB, I only did 25.  I’m going to *try* to make it to 50 this time.  Oh yeah – and The Bloggess did stuff she likes about herself.  I’m just doing stuff about me.  Whether I like it or not.  So I guess it’s not really the same at all but whatever.

1. I can function on very little sleep. Will I endlessly bitch about it? Yes. But I will keep on rockin’ and/or rollin’.

2. I drink like my dad. I prefer my coffee black, my wine red, my tea overly sweet, and my beer a’plenty.

3. I’m not 100% sure what I want to be when I grow up so I have a Top 5 list. One of the Top 5 is entirely impossible. One is attainable. The others most people would say are “silly”. I feel like I’ve thrown “astronaut” and “cowboy” on there.

4. My friends are really super cool. I have the most interesting and eclectic group of friends locally and across the country. You all make me a better person.

5. I like to eat. Often. And in large quantities.

6. In the past two years I have gone from being grammar stickler to throwing grammar rules out the window. Yeah, that’s my big flip off to the system. Rebel, rebel.

7. I like the way newspapers smell. I like the way the printing press smells better. But the smell I love the most is the smell of a paste-up board (Yes, they do have a smell), which sadly no longer exist, really.

8. I care more about what others think than I like to let on. I hate being hurt but I more hate others knowing they’ve hurt me.

9. I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom … OK, not really.

10. I am really super hungry and overly ready for lunch.

11. I like spicy food a lot. A lot, a lot.

12. Ok, I like FOOD a lot. In general.

13. I am fascinated by Quakers. I sorta want to be one.

14. I buy Amish cheese (even though Holly tells me not to).

15. I love my dogs. I have always said that my dogs were like children and people would tell me that would change when I had Sabine … but it didn’t. My dogs are still my babies and, if anything, I love them even more now as I watch their relationship with her develop. They’re siblings, after all!

16. I have never watched an episode of American Idol.

17. I can’t stand to be in a silent room. I almost constantly have music playing.

18. I wish I could play the clarinet. Its cool.

19. I suck at caring for plants. There is one in my office that has somehow survived me for nearly six years. Every other plant I have killed pretty immediately. I think Office Plant is a masochist.

20. I have a weird sense of humor that people don’t often get, so I spend a lot of time looking like a dork.

21. I actually AM a dork, too.

22. When I was little I used to read Encyclopedias cover to cover, as if they were novels. For Christmas when I was five I asked for a set of Encyclopedias. I still have them.

23. For my birthday when I was seven I asked for a Thesaurus (Told you – dork).

24. I don’t like nuts in sweets. Except for Baklava. That’s different.

25. I can still wear shoes from the kids’ department.

26. I have had a deer throw up on me.

27. I have a stuffed bear named Curtis Mayfield.

28. I keep a copy of Freakonomics hidden in my desk drawer for slow days because I like statistics THAT much.

29. I like to watch dorky things like American Masters on PBS.  I like it so much that I pay $5 a month to add PBS to our satellite.

30. I often perv out to DeCon architecture.

31. I think Tucker Carlson is a hottie.  Even if I have to watch him on mute.

32. I hate soup as a meal.  I like soup – it’s normally yummy.  But it needs like, a loaf of bread to go along with it and make it a meal.

33. Are we done yet?

34. I am in need of more coffee.

35. Now I have more coffee.

36. I still haven’t stopped thinking about food.

37. I WILL make it to 40.  At least.

38.  I’m wearing a new shirt today and I’m a little pissed that no one has told me how cute I look.

39. I’m almost done with this thing.

40. Now I am done.

What?  Those last five or so things ARE about me, so it’s not really cheating.


I think I’m ready.

Sabine wasn’t exactly what people refer to as a “good” or “easy” baby … although I totally hate those terms and they make me want to shin kick the people who use them.  I would call her … spirited.  High maintenance, maybe.  A diva.  Yeah, diva.  She was colicky.  If you haven’t had a colicky baby you’re probably going, “Oh, that sucks” right now.  If you’ve had a colicky baby you’re probably going, “Sweet Jesus.  I’m so damn sorry.”  I remember being in the grocery store with her one day, in the sling, and she was actually sleeping instead of screaming.  A woman with a baby about six months old said to me, “Enjoy that sleepy phase while you can.”  I sat there thinking, “WHAT EFFING SLEEPY PHASE!?!” and started crying.  In the middle of Kroger.

During those first few months I was also dealing with PTSD/PPD from my c-section … which was awesome.  I don’t think I’ve ever written about the PTSD part on here before.  It’s not something I’ve been able to talk about much until recently.  I blogged a while back on the suckitude of c-sections … but then I pulled the post.  It made me physically ill to look at it.  Anyway, the first 3-4 months were hard.  I remember feeling more myself, and more like a mom, somewhere around Easter.  And, after that, motherhood was a BALL.

The point of all this is that, for the longest time, people would ask, “So when are you going to have another?” and I would think, “OH HELL NO!” with the early months still fresh in my mind.  But it’s true what they say – you start to forget the horrors after a while.  Or forget that the horrors were so horrible.  Now, I think I’m ready to do it again!

The problem is that there’s no in between for me.  Either I “don’t want a newborn, thank you ma’am”!  Or I “want a newborn right.this.second!  GIMMIE!”  Baby Fever has a hold of me and, is now, systemic.

So now, everything includes yet-to-be-conceived Baby #2.  For instance, if Brandon says, “Hey have you seen the new Equinoxes?” I will reply with, “I have!  You know who would look cute in it?  Sabine and the baby I’m not pregnant with yet.”  Or I might say randomly as we’re trying to fall asleep, “Brandon?  Would you like it if I moved the night stand to your side of the bed?  Cause I could do that to fit an Arm’s Reach on my side.”  My husband is going to go insane.  I realize that I am slowly driving him insane … but I can’t stop.  And yet, am I?  Really?

Yesterday I caught him watching YouTube videos of newborns.  Baby Fever is contagious.  And I believe I’ve effectively infected my husband.

On the “I want a baby immediately.  Bring it.  I mean it” tip – I did one of those lame baby name lists.  Feel free (translation: DO IT!!!) to vote and tell me how lame my names are.  Maybe I’ll even link it over to the left eventually so you can all tell me how much you hate the name “Brigid”.

So I don’t normally do this … BUT

But I want a Thermos snack container.  Ok?  Got a problem with it?  You shouldn’t … because they’re super rad and you can get one too.  Here’s the give away info, from TwitterMoms.

I don’t really know how these things work.  I’m not great at writing about things I’m told to write about.  I’m only good at being totally and completely random.  BUT, I tend to be able to follow directions (moderately) well so here we go.  Blogging about sneaking fruits and veggies into your kid’s food.

This is something I’m pretty good at.  Not because Sabine doesn’t like fruits and veggies, but because BRANDON doesn’t like fruits and veggies.  The answer to all life’s problems lies in The Sneaky Chef.  Ok, maybe not ALL life’s problems, but the life problems which involve husbands (and I guess kids) who eat nothing but pizza and tacos and spaghetti.  I swear I’m married to a 27 year old, y’all, but he eats like a four year old.  The Sneaky Chef makes that Ok though … because you sneak pretty tasteless veggie purees into boy, er, toddler food!  Totally stealthy, right?!

Here’s the other way I sneak fruits and veggies into my hus, er child’s diet … I lie.  “Does this have onions in it?”  “NO!  Of course not.”  See how easy life can be!?

So, there.  I think I did what I was supposed to do.  NO!  Wait!  I have to give you a link to LittleBlends from Horizon … which are like, yogurt thingies with fruits AND veggies mixed in.  And everyone I know who’s tried them says they’re delicious and don’t taste veggie-ish at all.  But I wouldn’t know because I live in podunk and we don’t get anything cool here.  But I still want a snack container.