The problem with children’s programming.

The problem with children’s programming is that it’s all stupid. Ok – so maybe that is oversimplifying things.

Let’s take Dora, for example. What is she – five, maybe? And yet, she runs around everywhere supervised by only a monkey. Even though she knows good and well there’s a fox lurking around who wants to gank her stuff. On what planet is that OK?

The Wonder Pets is well, just bizarre. There are entire segments about peeing. And I guess Nick Jr. had to push the “phonological awareness” off on another show since The Upside Down Show was canceled but really? The Wonder Pets, Nick Jr.!? Ming-Ming speaks with a LISP (nttawwt) which is like, the opposite of phonological awareness. I guess unless you’re trying to make children aware of the improper articulation of phonemes? Which I think is a little too advanced for them. Perhaps what Nick Jr. is actually trying to promote with the Wonder Pets is not, in fact, phonological awareness but rather irony?

And who died and made Ruby Queen of Max?

So, yeah. Kids’ TV sucks majorly. Except for Yo Gabba Gabba which teaches children the importance of not biting their friends. And really, what better lesson is there than that?


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