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I am totally blanking on a blog topic for today but, I promised I would blog Tuesday/Thursday.  So I present to you the Top 5 Funny Sabine Stories.  In recent history.  Because I’m too lazy to do 10.

5. Sucker Punch

Sabine smacked me across the face the other night.  She wanted my laptop and I wouldn’t give it up.  I put her in time out.  Short time out, in the same room with me, sitting her down and telling her, “We don’t hit.  You sit here till you can be nice.”  Brandon gets her out of time out approximately 2.5 seconds later (Ok, maybe it was a minute, but whatever).  He says, “Sabine, are you going to stop hitting your Mommy now?”  Her reply?  “NOPE!” *sigh*

4. Having consumed massive quantities of coffee when I was pregnant with Sabine (Yeah, bad mommy.  Whatever.), she is quite familiar with the smell of the glorious French press in the morning.  Before she could talk, she would sit in the kitchen floor, pointing at the press, and crying.  Now the first thing she says to me when she wakes up is, “I want coffee.”  This is my fault.  Not that I actually GIVE her coffee, but I tend to say, “Here’s your coffee!” when I hand her the morning Foogo of milk.  I have to laugh a little to myself when a stranger asks her what’s in her Foogo and her response is “Coffee!  Num num!”

3. Speaking of “Num num”

While cooking dinner the other night I hear the unmistakable “Num num!” of a very satisfied toddler.  I turn around from the stove to find Sabine standing in front of the open freezer with a bag of tator tots.  And consuming them.  Um, yum.

2. Keeping Your Daughter Off the Pole

Took Sabine to the Youth Museum.  They have a great castle exhibit right now.  There’s a small “play” castle set up with levers and knobs the little one’s can turn.  Royal dolls and furniture in the towers.  Just a cool area.  Sabine makes her way into the castle where she finds a very cute little boy – maybe 3 years old.  He, very sweetly and shyly, says, “Hi.”  Sabine responds by lifting up her shirt to flash him.

1. The Dead Bunny

We awoke one morning last week to find a dead bunny in our yard.  Not a bunny the dogs had killed (thank God) but a random, dead bunny.  I’m guessing maybe he was hit by a car and hippity hopped his last hop into the yard to die.  I took Sabine outside and, upon seeing the bunny, she yelled “AWWW!  I wan kitty!”  (cause apparently kitties are bunnies).  I replied, “No, no.  That’s a bunny and bunny is sleeeeeeeping!  Let’s leave him alone” cause really, how do you explain a dead bunny to a 18 month old?  Brandon chimes in with “That bunny isn’t asleep, Sabine.  It’s dead.”  “DEAD!” she says.  Later that night Brandon falls asleep on the couch.  Sabine says, “Awww … Dad’s dead!”  Yeah.  Now I have to figure out that whole 18 month old explanation thing I’d so hoped to avoid.


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  1. OMG I am dying here! I am totally ‘with’ you on most of this list! And I can totally see #1 happening here! I think S & L are connected somehow someway!

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