Too legit to quit.

Hey, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Yeah. Please Jenn, don’t hurt ’em. *Ahem*

Anyway – TBFKAOP has gone legit! I guess. I mean, at least this is how I *think* blogs go legit. You see – I want to go to Blogher next year. No, I WILL go to Blogher next year. That’s right. It’s a goal and stuff. So, in order to have a “real” blog I have purchased a domain. You can now get your TBFKAOP fix at

You can also follow TBFKAOP on Twitter. It’s like a bloglett. A lot of times I think of something SUPER funny or weird or boring, I guess, that doesn’t fit into a post. So, I can put those things on Twitter now. Like the dead bunny! See – finding a dead bunny isn’t a great blog post. Especially when your toddler sees the dead bunny and goes, “AWWWW! Asleep!” and then wants to play with it. But it IS noteworthy so it gets Twittered. Or Tweeted. Or whatever the hell the cool kids call it. See how that works?

Now, I realize a real domain and Twitter account do not = a real blog so I guess I have to work on that who content and postiness issue as well. Since I’m not wrapped up in Polliwogged anymore I’ve decided to use my Polliwogged blogging days (Tuesday & Thursday) for TBFKAOP blogging. Hopefully I have something good to say on those days. If not, you’ll end up reading lots more posts like this.

*ETA – I’m totally cracking myself up because at first I had linked Obama’s Health Care Plan PDF as the new TBFKAOP.  YAY multi-tasking!


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