I have again given birth.

First of all I’d like to give a big “Woah” to the fact that The Bloggess commented on my Scarlet Fever post. I feel really super cool and all you people who read my blog should feel super cool to have been momentarily graced with her presence. Then you should go read her blog because what she’s blogging about is probably way better than what I’m going to blog about.

Second of all I’d like to say that Sabine is over her Scarlet Fever screaming and, well, the actual Scarlet Fever and stuff. No priest needed. You’re probably wondering about this “birth” stuff now, right?

Well, the “birth” to which I’m referring is more of an intellectual birth. No, wait. It’s not really intellectual at all. It’s fun and silly though. Hmmm. Ah, hell – We have a new dog board! And I didn’t really birth it myself but Holly insisted I blog about the new “baby” and saying that like, nine people gave birth to something at the same time seems a little weird so there you go.

I also hate using WordPress’ “QuickPress” because it makes my text squishy.

Anyway, you may remember a link somewhere over on the left to a dog forum for big dog lovers. That certain dog forum shall not be mentioned because ::insert creepy music:: it was bought by scamming dog training posers and all the Moderators resigned. The End. Sorta.

We, with the help of tech. savvy and smarter than us member Brandon (No, not my husband Brandon. A forum created by him would be um, interesting.) have created Big Barks! Which is really cool and everyone should hang out there. Even if you don’t have a big dog. We’ll still like you. Though, if you have a Chihuahua, Holly will never read your posts. Actually, even if you don’t have a Chihuahua she won’t read your posts because she isn’t thread ready. But, I’ll give her a breakdown if you say something cool, so there’s that.


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