You give me (Scarlet) Fever.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or aren’t virtually chained to me through message boards, FaceBook, and/or email, you may not know that Sabine has Scarlet Fever. Scarlet Fever pretty much sucks. I’ve been wanting to blog about its suckitude but have been holding off until it’s GONE to fully encompass its wrath. You don’t REALLY want to read 5831908109 blog posts about SF do you? I didn’t think so.

While I’m waiting for this vile disease that has temporarily kidnapped my child to retreat I begin thinking of witty things to say about SF. It’s a virtual blogging goldmine with all its literary and cultural references – Oregon Trail, the Velveteen Rabbit, Little Women, etc. The problem is, a blogger has already beaten me to all of these references. A blogger who is also much wittier than I:

The worst part is that her blog followers are also wittier than I.

I realize, at this point, that I’d look like a big, fat copycat for using any of these references so I set out to find new ones of my own. You know when you find yourself Googling “Scarlet Fever in pop culture” (which, by the way, will give you results) you may have an issue. So, I admit defeat. But, at least I have a new blog to follow.

Anyway, I came upon this blog by Googling “Scarlet Fever screaming”. Because that’s what my child was doing – screaming. Not just any ol’ pissed off toddler screaming but deranged, psychotic, maniacal screaming. In the middle of the night. Out of a sound sleep. To the point that Brandon was wavering as to whether we should take her to the ER or call the priest. My solution, of course, was to Google. In my defense, I will say that I didn’t just sit down and read the funny blog post while my child screamed. I’m not THAT crappy of a Mom. Instead I bookmarked it for later and called the nurses’ line. See? I have common sense.

Anyway, we were told delusions and screaming were pretty common and not to worry unless they last for a prolonged period of time or caused muscle twitching (because apparently that can signal neurological involvement). Luckily, the screaming fits passed quickly. Unluckily, they passed by me having to lay in the middle of the living room floor with Sabine face down on my chest. It was the only way she’d be quiet. Makes for a fun night.

We’ve spent half of two nights sleeping in the middle of the living room floor. I hope to all things Holy that tonight is different. If not, I really may have to call the priest. That’s the extent of my Scarlet Fever story. I wish I had a better ending but we’re not through it, yet.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I tell you about my new baby. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN! That’s right. I’m not going to tell you now. I’m going to make you come back. That’s what I do – I keep you coming back for more. The old push ‘em out and pull ‘em in. Or something.


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  1. Scarlet fever screaming? That is like the worst symptom ever. Like, maybe if when she screamed spiders came out of her mouth, them that would be worse but just barely. You totally win parent of the year because I would have just slept out in the car so I couldn’t hear all the screaming. That’s how I roll.

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