Funny, how time changes things.

Last night I took a bath.  It was a nice bath … Sabine had been quite the pill all day and I needed to time to unwind.  Pre-Sabine I used to take long, hot baths in our jet tub.  I would light some candles, pour myself a glass of wine, and relax to whatever was the soulful music du jour.  Sometimes Brandon would join me and we’d have a romantical bath, complete with long discussions about our future and kissy faces.

Last night I took my bath in a jet-free, short tub.  When we moved we decided no more jet-tub for us.  I’m short and they’re deep.  Bathing a baby in one is practically impossible.  My short tub bath left me with cold boobs and a cold post c-section pooch.  I no longer have any candles in the house because they make my child sneeze so there was no flickering candle light.  Instead of music, the sounds I heard were Sabine banging on the bathroom door screaming, “Mama!  Where y’at?” and Brandon saying, “Peeeeu!  Did you poop?”  My drink?  Budweiser.  In a can.

And yet, this was likely the most relaxing bath ever.  I can’t remember a time when I NEEDED a bath quite as much as I did then and, although the soundtrack has changed, I love the “noise” that is my life.

I have no excuse for the crappy beer though.  You got me on that one.


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