Damn you, Varicella vaccine!

Maybe. I’m blaming the Varicella vax for Sabine’s recent “I don’t want to sleep, I want to toss and turn and cry every hour!” stint. Varicella vax (VV) gets the blame because this particular stint started immediately after she received the shot and ended, promptly, last night when she STTN. Yes, at this point, one night = end. For me.

I’m also blaming VV for her runny nose as I noticed on rxlist.com that VV can cause “upper respiratory illness” and I refuse to believe that my child has seasonal allergies … even though Brandon and I both have seasonal allergies. And developed runny noses around the same time as her. Which are fixed with Zyrtec. And even though her pedi. thinks she probably has allergies. Yep, refuse to believe it!

Anyway, rxlist.com leads me to my WTF moment of the day. Click this:


Scroll over to page three and check out the text below Table 1. VV can cause upper respiratory illness, disturbed sleep, diarrhea, blah, blah, blah, teething. Um, wait. Teething? Really? A vaccine can cause my child to produce TEETH? I thought that was like, nature. I guess I have been wildly misinformed.

Or, perhaps, I shouldn’t be consulting rxlist.com for my medical advice anymore.


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