Um, teeth?

Can we talk for a minute?  I’m assuming you’re the reason my daughter  was up at midnight, and again at 2am, screaming her head off.  I don’t mean crying/screaming … I mean SHRIEKING at the top of her lungs in pain.  Yeah, not cool.

Some of us like to sleep and some of us like to, you know, not have our gums throbbing in pain.  You should really learn to respect the wants of others, teeth.  From my experiences with you in the past year I have come to learn that you are incredibly selfish and quite possibly sadistic.   Can I ask you why?  Did something happen in your childhood to make you so hostile toward little baby mouths?

If something did happen, I’m truly sorry.  I’d give you a big hug, teeth, but you’re kinda still hanging out there underneath the gums and I can’t really get to you.  Maybe if you’d just go ahead and pop on out we could share a cookie, talk about our feelings, and put this whole sordid ordeal behind us.  Its really a win-win for everyone.  You feel better, Sabine feels better, and I get some sleep.

How ’bout it teeth?  Come on … you know you want to!


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