This is for you, Snuff.

Day #1 of Lent and I’m already confused. 

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged all Catholics in his Lenten message this year to renew their committment to fasting .  Nursing mothers, however, are excused from fasting.  This is semi-good news because I like me some food and Sabine likes nursing (at night, lots, over and over).  This is bad news because I’m again stuck on what to give up.

I had decided to give up swearing.  But, I got lost in the details.  Does the “A” in “LMAO” count?  Probably.  Does intention count?  If I say “Fudge!” instead of “Fuck!” does it count?  Because obviously I meant one, although I said the other.  Yeah, scrap that idea.

I’ve decided instead to devote 15 minutes daily to reflection and meditation.  In a way, its giving something up … its giving up time, which I never have enough of these days.  But, its also hopefully gaining something on deeper level.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have asked Sabine this year to give up night wakings for Lent.  I have purchased three books to help with her penance.  The books don’t help me at all.  Every sleep book I’ve read falls thoroughly into either the cry or no-cry camp.  Neither of these camps work for us.  Where’s the book that encourages me to burn items in effigy?  Or stick my left hand in, take it out, shake it about, turn myself around, etc. in order to procure sleep?  I could get behind a book like that.

Hopefully Sabine will learn to read soon and figure things out for herself.  She now has 15 minutes a night to practice.