Lack of sleep VS. Brain Fog

I have been chalking up my recent influx of forgetfulness and confusion to lack of sleep.   In addition to the pumping fiasco mentioned in my last post, I have done such gems as: forgetting my debit card in the ATM and leaving it there; losing my cell phone approximately 58319081 times; and today, forgetting to put a diaper cover on Sabine before I put her pants on to go out to eat.  Yeah, awesomeness.

Anyway, I keep telling myself that once I catch up on some sleep, I will be better.  Today Brandon mentioned that possibly this is that fabulous Brain Fog (something we both suffer from, due to two totally different medical conditions).  Um, no.  I will NOT entertain the possibility that my brain will not bounce back with a few naps, or that this is related to a flare or the start up of Plaquenil.  Just will not do it!

Honestly?  I don’t have time for this shit.   I don’t have time to feel sick, tired, forget things, have random nodules.  Its not so much that those THINGS bother me as the inconvenience that they bring.  I am so, so frustrated right now and kinda wish he would have kept his mouth shut.  I know he meant well, but I don’t want that weighing on my potentially foggy brain as I try to sleep tonight.


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