Cloth Diapers … are they the new “love to hate”?

I’m sure many of you have read the recent article on TimesOnline siting a Defra study which concluded that cloth diapers were worse for the environment than sposies. If somehow you have missed this article, you can check it out here:

I say that I’m “sure” many of you have read it because it has been re-posted every-friggin-where I turn … blogs, message boards, FaceBook, etc. Without getting into why this study (and subsequently, the article) is flawed (if you want to know about that, check out this blog: I want to explore a bit the rapid and massive reposting of this information.

Why is it that everyone and their grandma feels the need to post this article ALL over the place … often times making rude and/or disparaging comments to those who cloth diaper? There’s a lot of research out there that has the complete opposite conclusion of this article, yet, I don’t see people posting that information in the same manner. Or to the same extent. In other words, why is everyone hatin’ on the CDs?!

We cloth diaper, so I’ll admit that I am a little biased toward CDs, but I also don’t get in anyone else’s face about my choices or preferences. Do I educate people on how cool CDs are, and encourage them to check them out if interested? Heck yeah! However, I would NEVER post to a sposie user, “Check out the info on these toxins in diapers! Ooooh, in your face!” But … I feel like that’s the attitude with which many of us CD users are being met.

So what’s the deal? Why the animosity toward CDers? Seriously … let me know. Because I just don’t get it.


Lack of sleep VS. Brain Fog

I have been chalking up my recent influx of forgetfulness and confusion to lack of sleep.   In addition to the pumping fiasco mentioned in my last post, I have done such gems as: forgetting my debit card in the ATM and leaving it there; losing my cell phone approximately 58319081 times; and today, forgetting to put a diaper cover on Sabine before I put her pants on to go out to eat.  Yeah, awesomeness.

Anyway, I keep telling myself that once I catch up on some sleep, I will be better.  Today Brandon mentioned that possibly this is that fabulous Brain Fog (something we both suffer from, due to two totally different medical conditions).  Um, no.  I will NOT entertain the possibility that my brain will not bounce back with a few naps, or that this is related to a flare or the start up of Plaquenil.  Just will not do it!

Honestly?  I don’t have time for this shit.   I don’t have time to feel sick, tired, forget things, have random nodules.  Its not so much that those THINGS bother me as the inconvenience that they bring.  I am so, so frustrated right now and kinda wish he would have kept his mouth shut.  I know he meant well, but I don’t want that weighing on my potentially foggy brain as I try to sleep tonight.