I keep fortunes from fortune cookies taped to my desk. Shortly after I started my first “real” job I received a fortune that said, “You will win success in whatever calling you adopt”. I thought this significant, being that I had just joined the real world, wrote the date on the back, and taped it to my desk to remind my self of how bad ass I really am. This started a trend.

This morning I came to work and my computer wouldn’t start. Not wanting to call IT, I started fiddling with the stupid thing. When I moved my tower, I found a forgotten fortune under it: “Your luck has been completely changed today”. The date on the back? Days before I found out I was pregnant with Sabine.

I have no idea why this fortune didn’t make it to my desk but I am glad I found it. I have since taped it to the picture I keep of Sabine next to my phone. It didn’t seem “right” sitting there next to the other fortunes about how charming I am, how I should sell my ideas, etc. This one is different and important.

I also realized today that Sabine has been “out” almost longer than she was “in” … which is a very weird feeling, to me.


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