New, exciting project!

Okay, okay … so I can finally tell you what has kept me from blogging (other than running a house with a mobile eight month old, five dogs, and four cats. Oh yeah, did I mention that we got a kitten!? Cause we are CRAY-ZAY!). The answer is — blogging.

I know that makes no sense, but it does! You see, a while back, I found out that Zrecs was hiring (Thanks, Renee!) and I applied to be a blogger for their new site — Polliwogged. A few weeks later I found out that I was picked to contribute (specifically for sales, focusing on safe and natural type products) and have been compiling pieces since that time for the launch.

The site is now live, so you guys should check it out! In addition to my part, there are bloggers who focus on DIY stuff, handmade items, etc. All in all, I think its going to be a fantastic blog and I am way excited about the opportunity.


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