Brain Functions – 17%

We have been somewhat “sleep challenged” this week.  I’m not sure whats up, but whatever it is, its eeeeeeevil.  Add to that some major work stressors and you have one inconveniently shutting down Jenn brain.  Case in point:

Today I go to pump at work.  I get myself all set up and try to relax.  About two minutes in, I notice my leg is getting wet.  I look down and see droplets of milk spraying onto my leg.  I immediately flip out, shut my pump off, and wonder where it is leaking.

Then I realize I have not attached the bottles to the horns and have been pumping directly onto my legs.

*Sigh*  Time for a big, giant Coke, anyone?



I keep fortunes from fortune cookies taped to my desk. Shortly after I started my first “real” job I received a fortune that said, “You will win success in whatever calling you adopt”. I thought this significant, being that I had just joined the real world, wrote the date on the back, and taped it to my desk to remind my self of how bad ass I really am. This started a trend.

This morning I came to work and my computer wouldn’t start. Not wanting to call IT, I started fiddling with the stupid thing. When I moved my tower, I found a forgotten fortune under it: “Your luck has been completely changed today”. The date on the back? Days before I found out I was pregnant with Sabine.

I have no idea why this fortune didn’t make it to my desk but I am glad I found it. I have since taped it to the picture I keep of Sabine next to my phone. It didn’t seem “right” sitting there next to the other fortunes about how charming I am, how I should sell my ideas, etc. This one is different and important.

I also realized today that Sabine has been “out” almost longer than she was “in” … which is a very weird feeling, to me.

New, exciting project!

Okay, okay … so I can finally tell you what has kept me from blogging (other than running a house with a mobile eight month old, five dogs, and four cats. Oh yeah, did I mention that we got a kitten!? Cause we are CRAY-ZAY!). The answer is — blogging.

I know that makes no sense, but it does! You see, a while back, I found out that Zrecs was hiring (Thanks, Renee!) and I applied to be a blogger for their new site — Polliwogged. A few weeks later I found out that I was picked to contribute (specifically for sales, focusing on safe and natural type products) and have been compiling pieces since that time for the launch.

The site is now live, so you guys should check it out! In addition to my part, there are bloggers who focus on DIY stuff, handmade items, etc. All in all, I think its going to be a fantastic blog and I am way excited about the opportunity.

I am slack.

About posting.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  One sick kid, one week of minor pity parties, and a new, exciting project will do that to a girl.

I bet you think I’m going to tell you about this new, exciting project, huh!?  Well, I’m not.  Not yet, anyway.

Anyway … pity parties are over.  Kid feels better.  Project is pretty much in line.  So here I am!  TAAAAA-DAAAAAAA!!!  Only I am now so burnt out I have nothing exciting, funny or thought provoking to say.


Give me a day and I might have something for you. *Wink, wink*