Sewing, sewing, sewing, Im a sewing machine …

And my apostrophe key is missing.  Thanks, Sabine.  Also, I am not really a sewing machine.  I do have one now, though … and I LOVE it!  Dork out, man.

It only took me um, two weeks to figure out how to thread the stupid thing.  Now that we are threaded, I am rock and/or rolling!  I have made cloth wipes.  Nursing pads.  Part of a soaker.  I plan to make a wet bag.  AND I AM GOING TO MAKE SABINE AN OUTFIT FOR HER FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Not that its you know, over four months away or anything.  I am gonna make it, I tell ya.

Anyway, I am really geeked.  I had no idea that sewing could be this easy and fun.  I also had no idea that the minute I learned to sew people would start asking me to sew really random crap for them.  Not cool, people.  Give me a bit to get acclimated.

Tune in next time when I may have actual pictures of these things I have sewed (or plan to sew).  And when I will hopefully also have my apostrophe key fixed.


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