Damn you, Medela.

We have used the Medela bottles since Sabine started to take bottles. They are the only ones that worked even remotely well for her. Over the course of six months, we lost nipples for these bottles. Three became two, then two became one, at which point I ordered new nipples. The nipples that came with her bottles looked like this:

The new Medela nipples are TOTALLY different. Just round, simple, boring … and loathed by one Marion Sabine. I have searched high and low for the old style nipples in med-flow and have had NO luck. I mentioned that two became one, at one point. Well, one eventually became none and we are left with only sucktacular nipples now.

Sucktacular nipples have been in use for three days now and Sabine has cut her bottle consumption more than in half. She just refuses to use them. She has begun reverse cycling instead of eating during the day and nursing like a newborn in the evening.  I need old style Medela nipples. And I need them NOW.

Damn you, Medela. You are making this whole working mom thing incredibly harder than it already was.


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