Happy 4th, I suppose.

I stumbled upon this blog today and like it very much. I think you all will too. There is even a cute AIO line-drying pic in there somewhere:


I stumbled upon it by checking out STTN related blog entries. I was checking out STTN related blog entries because Sabine is no longer STTN … for the past week. Guess I shouldn’t have gloated, huh? Actually, I’m fairly sure it is teething related. I can see the nasty little sucker beginning to poke through. Stupid teeth.

Tonight, as well, we have fireworks. Fireworks at the Armory two blocks from my house. They are LOUD. The dogs are freaking out. Sabine keeps waking up. I hate fireworks. If they figure out a way to make silent fireworks, I might be interested in that. Until then, I will buy stock in Rescue Remedy and walk the halls with my daughter. Over and over.

Boy, I am a big ball of light today!


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