I love the mechanics of nursing.

The whole supply and demand thing. It blows my mind. I love it.

Sabine has, I believe, hit the six month growth spurt. For the past few days she has been in non-stop nurse mode. I started freaking out yesterday thinking that I didn’t have enough milk … and when I say “freaking”, I mean FREAKING. Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, dreams about my supply drying up, over analyzing baby poop (Yes, poop!) and wet diapers, begging Brandon to promise me that if Sabine were hungry she would let me know. FREAKING OUT. (I know … some of you are saying, “What, Jenn? Freak out? Naaaah!” and rolling your eyes. I mean it when I tell you this was worse than usual, guys!)

Anyway, this morning I feel the “need” to pump earlier. By “need” I mean letdown. In my bra. While I’m typing at my desk. So, I pump and I get FOURTEEN ounces! FOURTEEN! OUNCES!!! I have never pumped that much in a single pumping session before! My baby sent a message to my boobies that said “We need more milk in my belly!” which, in turn, prompted my boobies to make more milk. Isn’t it cool how that works!?

Today I love my body … along with the mechanics of nursing. It may still be a little post-baby lumpy and have a gnarly c-section incision on it. It may be hella pasty to the point that I blind people at the pool. But, it is efficient and smart. I will take efficient and smart over “pretty” any day. Well, at least today.


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