Sabine Is A Big Girl

I feel as if I can safely say this now … Sabine is STTN.  AND (drum roll please) she is no longer swaddled.  WOOHOOOOO!  Success!!!  To all the unsolicited advice people who said she’d sleep better if I switched her to formula, or let her CIO, or that if I didn’t just unswaddle her cold turkey she would still be swaddled when starting kindergarten, I would like to say:


Ok, I lied.  FT … YOU SUCK!  Haha.  No, really.  She pretty much did it on her own.  You know why?  Because she was READY.  Because I followed her cues and let her lead the way.  I’ll admit that I read The No Cry Sleep Solution.  It helped me understand bedtime routines better and gave me some ideas of how to help her better associate certain things with sleepy time.  But, in no way did I force anything upon her.  She did it herself.  Popping your arm out of the swaddler, Sabine?  Ok, we’ll unswaddle that arm for you before bed.  Other arm coming out?  Cool.  We’ll just swaddle you around the waist.  Etc., etc. and so on and so forth.

I’m proud of her.  She is a big girl and she learned to be a big girl on her own terms.  Go Sabine!
Now we’ll just have to one day tackle that whole nursing to sleep thing.  I figure she’ll cut that out sometime before college though, right?

Oh, and again … unsolicited advice people?  YOU SUCK!   





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