YAY! Birthday!

Mine, that is!

Today is my birthday and that means it is the most fabulous day of the year.  For me, that is.  I get to eat cake all day (with the calories that DO NOT count!), stuff myself full of Chinese food, enjoy a beer (or several) and watch John Cusack movies aaaaaaaaaall night.  What could be better!?

When I was little my mom would tell me that I should be buying HER presents for MY birthday, since she was the reason I was born in the first place.  I, in turn, would tell her that she should then buy ME Mother’s Day presents, since I was the one who made her a mother.  It was our little routine.

Now that I am older and have a child of my own I can see a semi-serious side to what she said.  When I think about Sabine’s first birthday, and all the birthdays that will come after that, I realize that they will be a as much of a celebration for me as they are for her.  She will be happy to be older, inching towards school, bikes with no training wheels, later bedtimes, DRIVING (!!!), etc.  I will be happily thinking back on her very firstest birthday … her birth day … and how blessed we have become since that time.

My mom is in town for my birthday.  She always is.  As a greedy only child I can demand silly things like that.  I think today I will pick her up a little something.  Maybe some flowers.  Or a card.  And let her know how much she means to me and how, now that I have my very own daughter, I can see how birthdays honor more than just the person with the presents who is getting older.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO ME!  And my Mommy. 🙂


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