How to take a nap.

Step-by-step instructions. Care of Sabine.

1. Attempt to army crawl on the bed, thus pulling the covers off one corner.

2. Talk to your monkey (the annoying one that plays music, that your dad just HAD to get you) for approximately 20 straight minutes. Make your mother worry about your incessant babbling to inanimate objects.

3. Completely CRASH OUT on said monkey.   Especially good if you crash on your belly so you mom sits by and monitors your breathing throughout the entire nap.

4. Mom will cover you with your favorite blankie.


5.  Enjoy!


Happy half-birthday, Beanses (plus some pics and a small plug).

Today is the Bean’s half birthday.  Six whole months!  I know its so cliche but I have no idea where the time has gone.  Last I thought about it, Sabine was two months old and I was sitting up at 3am thinking, “I wonder if I am realling effing this whole mom thing up?”  Now, here we are, half-way through our first year and my child is unscathed.  Reasonably, at least. 

She’s gone from this scrawny, 5 1/2 lb., wiggly little thing to an actual CHILD.  She doesn’t even look or act like a baby anymore.  Ok, maybe she does to most people, but not to me.  She’s funny.  She will do anything to get a rise out of me.  You know how most babies crack up when you play peek-a-boo, holding a blanket over YOUR face and then pulling it down?  Sabine holds a blanket over her face, then pulls it down while smiling, waiting for you to crack-up.  She empties sippy cups over her head because she loves how water feels running on her head (she loves it in the bath too) and then cackles when I crack-up over it.  She squeezes the cats and squeals while she drools on them.  She rubs the dogs’ ears like a blankie.  She has SO much personality. 

Sabine, there was a time in your mommy’s life when she went to the movies at 9pm.  When she slept until 10am.  When she didn’t worry about having to be home for bath time at 7:30 at night.  It was carefree and, at that time, your mommy thought it was fun.  Let me tell you … it was no where NEAR as much fun as the fun mommy has with you.  You are this big ball of light … giggles and love.  You are growing into this cool little person right before my eyes and I have no idea what I did to deserve such a happy, wonderful little baby girl.  But, I’m so glad I did whatever that was.  I am beyond thankful that you came into our lives and I promise to be the best mommy to you that I can possibly be.  I love you more than you can possibly imagine.  Your daddy does too.  Happy six monther, sweetie.

Ok, now that I have wiped all the snot and tears from my face, and regained a little composure, I will post some pics from our trip to Beech Fork:


(I apologize in advance for blinding you with my pastey-ness)





And now, a small plug … I recently opened an Etsy store.  There’s nothing mind-blowing in it.  Its just a few things that I make around the house that I thought other people may be interested in as well.  Honestly, they’re all things you could make yourself, but, if you’re too lazy to do that, I’ve done it for you because I enjoy concocting things.  It makes me feel like an alchemist, which rules.  Anyway, there are only a few items listed but there will be more later.  The doggy in the pic for the flea stuff is my Elli.  You should love her and tell me how cute she is because she is awesome.  There is a link on the left and here is the direct link as well:

Really, people!?

Do you other bloggers out there ever check out your top search terms? You know, the list that shows you what people typed in to find your blog? Well, I do. Surprise, surprise, seeing as I am OCD like that. Anyway, this one pops up frequently:

Shista booty blog

Huh!? What on EARTH could people (Yes, multiples!) be looking for under these terms? And, I am really this best source on this? I guess so, since these shista booty blog seekers keep coming to me.

Whatever your reason(s), I’m glad you found me. However, if you are a shista booty blogger, PLEASE tell me what the heck it is you were looking for in the first place. Me = Cat. Curiosity = Killing me.

I love the mechanics of nursing.

The whole supply and demand thing. It blows my mind. I love it.

Sabine has, I believe, hit the six month growth spurt. For the past few days she has been in non-stop nurse mode. I started freaking out yesterday thinking that I didn’t have enough milk … and when I say “freaking”, I mean FREAKING. Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, dreams about my supply drying up, over analyzing baby poop (Yes, poop!) and wet diapers, begging Brandon to promise me that if Sabine were hungry she would let me know. FREAKING OUT. (I know … some of you are saying, “What, Jenn? Freak out? Naaaah!” and rolling your eyes. I mean it when I tell you this was worse than usual, guys!)

Anyway, this morning I feel the “need” to pump earlier. By “need” I mean letdown. In my bra. While I’m typing at my desk. So, I pump and I get FOURTEEN ounces! FOURTEEN! OUNCES!!! I have never pumped that much in a single pumping session before! My baby sent a message to my boobies that said “We need more milk in my belly!” which, in turn, prompted my boobies to make more milk. Isn’t it cool how that works!?

Today I love my body … along with the mechanics of nursing. It may still be a little post-baby lumpy and have a gnarly c-section incision on it. It may be hella pasty to the point that I blind people at the pool. But, it is efficient and smart. I will take efficient and smart over “pretty” any day. Well, at least today.

Sabine Is A Big Girl

I feel as if I can safely say this now … Sabine is STTN.  AND (drum roll please) she is no longer swaddled.  WOOHOOOOO!  Success!!!  To all the unsolicited advice people who said she’d sleep better if I switched her to formula, or let her CIO, or that if I didn’t just unswaddle her cold turkey she would still be swaddled when starting kindergarten, I would like to say:


Ok, I lied.  FT … YOU SUCK!  Haha.  No, really.  She pretty much did it on her own.  You know why?  Because she was READY.  Because I followed her cues and let her lead the way.  I’ll admit that I read The No Cry Sleep Solution.  It helped me understand bedtime routines better and gave me some ideas of how to help her better associate certain things with sleepy time.  But, in no way did I force anything upon her.  She did it herself.  Popping your arm out of the swaddler, Sabine?  Ok, we’ll unswaddle that arm for you before bed.  Other arm coming out?  Cool.  We’ll just swaddle you around the waist.  Etc., etc. and so on and so forth.

I’m proud of her.  She is a big girl and she learned to be a big girl on her own terms.  Go Sabine!
Now we’ll just have to one day tackle that whole nursing to sleep thing.  I figure she’ll cut that out sometime before college though, right?

Oh, and again … unsolicited advice people?  YOU SUCK!   




YAY! Birthday!

Mine, that is!

Today is my birthday and that means it is the most fabulous day of the year.  For me, that is.  I get to eat cake all day (with the calories that DO NOT count!), stuff myself full of Chinese food, enjoy a beer (or several) and watch John Cusack movies aaaaaaaaaall night.  What could be better!?

When I was little my mom would tell me that I should be buying HER presents for MY birthday, since she was the reason I was born in the first place.  I, in turn, would tell her that she should then buy ME Mother’s Day presents, since I was the one who made her a mother.  It was our little routine.

Now that I am older and have a child of my own I can see a semi-serious side to what she said.  When I think about Sabine’s first birthday, and all the birthdays that will come after that, I realize that they will be a as much of a celebration for me as they are for her.  She will be happy to be older, inching towards school, bikes with no training wheels, later bedtimes, DRIVING (!!!), etc.  I will be happily thinking back on her very firstest birthday … her birth day … and how blessed we have become since that time.

My mom is in town for my birthday.  She always is.  As a greedy only child I can demand silly things like that.  I think today I will pick her up a little something.  Maybe some flowers.  Or a card.  And let her know how much she means to me and how, now that I have my very own daughter, I can see how birthdays honor more than just the person with the presents who is getting older.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO ME!  And my Mommy. 🙂

Does good Dog Mom = bad People Mom?

I have been contemplating this for a while but wasn’t sure whether to post it on the dog blog or the baby blog. Maybe I will post it on both. Hmmmm …

I frequently see people on message boards and hear people in real life commenting on how their relationship with their pets has changed since they have had a baby. How “little things” the dog or cat does piss them off. And I don’t get it. Because I have never felt this way.

I have five dogs and three cats. “Woah! That’s a lot of pets!” I hear some of you say. Other’s are thinking, “You are psychotic. That’s just too many” and a few of you (Hi, BPO-ers!) are going, “I wish I had that many!” Anyway … it is a lot of animal. But, it makes me happy. Honestly, if I had a bunch of land I would start a rescue and have 20+ dogs, quit my job and roll around in the grass with them all day. And home school Sabine and bake bread from scratch. And we’d have cows and get fresh milk and a goat and a potbelly pig and I’d sew us cool tunic’s from linen. Ok, I digress …

Anyway, I really love my pets. They were and still ARE my babies. I am, admittedly, one of those annoying pet parents. If you stand still long enough, I will tell you stories about how cute/funny/smart/stupid my dog/cat is, depending on which one I feel like talking about at the moment. I have five individual picture frames with pictures of my dogs in my office and one photo collage with pet pics. Annoyed yet? I bet you are.

So, EVERYONE figured this would change when Sabine came along … but it hasn’t. Now I’m not only THAT pet parent, I am THAT kid mom. Don’t ask me how my weekend was unless you want a play-by-play of a park adventure with a five month old and five dogs. Don’t get me started on chemicals because I will tell you how they are harmful to your baby AND your pet. That’s just me.

But, does that make me a bad kid parent? Because I love my dogs and cats just as much as I did pre-baby? Because I literally love them so much I could BURST at times!? Because, when I walk through the door at the end of the day, I am THRILLED to see them all bounding towards me for kisses and head scratches? Are the two mutually exclusive?

I don’t know. I hope not. To some, it probably is though. To those who know me, I guess it just makes me Jenn.