I am a Craigslist stalker.

I like to peruse CL as much as the next person. I start with the pets section because, even though I don’t even have room for a foster, I cannot NOT look. Then, I move onto the baby stuff.

So, the other day in the baby stuff, what do I see? Someone wanting Fuzzi Bunz. They want mediums, which is the same size Sabine is in, so I am of absolutely no help to them. Then, I have a thought. An evil stalkerish thought. I could make a CDing friend!

I email FB Lady with a little info about myself, our diaper usage, and point her toward Diaper Swappers. I let her know how most of my diaps are from there and I bet she could find some great deals too! I have visions of her thinking how nice and cool I am. Thinking that our babies should hang out together … I mean, they are in the same size diaper. They are probably around the same age! We could check out the DryBees store together in Bradley. We could share laundering tips. I am excited.

The next day, FB Lady replies to me … “Thank you!” she says. And that is it. No diaper discussions. No invites for shopping. Just two words.

FB Lady, you broke my heart.


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