Operation Lovie.

Its odd to me that in a year I have gone from Operation Eyeliner (chosing the bestest, smoothest, longest lasting eyeliner EVER) to Operation Lovie.  Funny, how our lives change.

Sabine is in desperate need of a Lovie.  She is in this “I need to grab EVERYTHING” stage.  Seriously.  This morning she was trying to snuggle her wet bag while I was getting her ready.  I’ll admit, her wet bag is cute and all … what with its jungle animals and stench sealing zipper … but it is NOT something I’d like for her to be cuddling.  That’s just wrong.  Enter Operation Lovie.

My requirements for a Lovie are quite simple — natural fibers (preferrably organic), animal-ish, cute.  Seems easy, right?  Yes and no.  There are LOTS of organic lovies on the web, which is AWESOME, but they are all like, white and brown.  Which is not only boring but potentially messy.  Take Mr. Rabbit Teether Lovie:

I can just see him, after a weeks worth of lovin’, completely SKANK.  Why can’t he have some natural dye in him, like Mr. Frog:

Mr. Frog might also get skank, but at least he has some color.  He also, however, has acrylic filling.  *Sigh* there is NO winning with Lovies.

If you have a Lovie suggestion that meets my requirements, I’d love (no pun intended) to hear it!


2 responses

  1. There is a nestie, pincushion, that makes lovies. She has an etsy shop, sweet birdie.

    I don’t know that she has any organic material, but she might be willing to order some for you. It never hurts to ask.

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