Maybe I am weird.

Sabine is five months old.  In those five months, I have not left her overnight once.  Not only that, but the longest Brandon and I have been away from her while together (as in, not when we were working) is two hours to go to a movie.  Twice.  The last was Indiana Jones the first was, well, I can’t really remember but I think it had John Cusack in it maybe.  Most likely.  Anyway …

Tomorrow is our anniversary.  My mom is in town and has offered to watch Sabine all night at my grandmother’s.  It would allow Brandon and I to go out, enjoy ourselves, and do adult things.  Adult things we haven’t done since she was born.  Adult things like the things that resulted in her being born in the first place … but this time not resulting in babies … if you catch my drift.

But, I don’t think I can do it.  I feel like, if I leave her, I won’t be able to enjoy myself.  I’ll think about her the whole time.  I’ll worry about her.  I’ll wake up at 3am, jump in my car in my jammies, and go racing over to my g’ma’s to snuggle her and bring her home.

I had talked myself into it earlier … but now I seem to have talked myself out of it.  I suck.  I never imagined I would be like this.  I swore I would be all put together and non-overprotective, but, guess what?  It didn’t work.  I am a big ball of mush.


I am a Craigslist stalker.

I like to peruse CL as much as the next person. I start with the pets section because, even though I don’t even have room for a foster, I cannot NOT look. Then, I move onto the baby stuff.

So, the other day in the baby stuff, what do I see? Someone wanting Fuzzi Bunz. They want mediums, which is the same size Sabine is in, so I am of absolutely no help to them. Then, I have a thought. An evil stalkerish thought. I could make a CDing friend!

I email FB Lady with a little info about myself, our diaper usage, and point her toward Diaper Swappers. I let her know how most of my diaps are from there and I bet she could find some great deals too! I have visions of her thinking how nice and cool I am. Thinking that our babies should hang out together … I mean, they are in the same size diaper. They are probably around the same age! We could check out the DryBees store together in Bradley. We could share laundering tips. I am excited.

The next day, FB Lady replies to me … “Thank you!” she says. And that is it. No diaper discussions. No invites for shopping. Just two words.

FB Lady, you broke my heart.

Operation Lovie.

Its odd to me that in a year I have gone from Operation Eyeliner (chosing the bestest, smoothest, longest lasting eyeliner EVER) to Operation Lovie.  Funny, how our lives change.

Sabine is in desperate need of a Lovie.  She is in this “I need to grab EVERYTHING” stage.  Seriously.  This morning she was trying to snuggle her wet bag while I was getting her ready.  I’ll admit, her wet bag is cute and all … what with its jungle animals and stench sealing zipper … but it is NOT something I’d like for her to be cuddling.  That’s just wrong.  Enter Operation Lovie.

My requirements for a Lovie are quite simple — natural fibers (preferrably organic), animal-ish, cute.  Seems easy, right?  Yes and no.  There are LOTS of organic lovies on the web, which is AWESOME, but they are all like, white and brown.  Which is not only boring but potentially messy.  Take Mr. Rabbit Teether Lovie:

I can just see him, after a weeks worth of lovin’, completely SKANK.  Why can’t he have some natural dye in him, like Mr. Frog:

Mr. Frog might also get skank, but at least he has some color.  He also, however, has acrylic filling.  *Sigh* there is NO winning with Lovies.

If you have a Lovie suggestion that meets my requirements, I’d love (no pun intended) to hear it!