Oh, shista! (Literally)

Ok, before I start, let me get this out … Word Press has changed the way EVERYTHING on this blog works and I do not like it.  You hear me, Word Press!?  I don’t like it!

Lets move on …

Sabine has had three, maybe four, poop blow outs in her entire life.  I don’t think that’s a very bad statistic, for a three month old.  In previous poop blow outs, the smell has been IMMEDIATE.  I mean, knock you down, “What DIED in here?” smell. 

Well, yesterday the Bean fell asleep shortly before dinner.  “Wonderful!” I thought.  “I’ll just let her nap and I will be able to actually EAT at the same time as Brandon and without holding a baby!”  She slept through meal-prep, all the way through dinner.  She slept through dishes.  It was great.

I heard her start to stir over the monitor but she wasn’t screaming or even grunting.  Just kinda talking to herself.  I went into her room to check on her and saw a happy, smiling baby.  She was sooooooo cute that I immediately scooped her up to cover her with kisses.  And I was immediately covered in poop.

There was poop all the way up the front of her diaper, out one leg hole, out the back.  Poop in her bed.  Poop on her.  Poop ALL over me.  It was horrible.  It was one of those diaper explosions that its easier to just haul both of us into the shower than to even attempt to tackle it with wipes.  The entire time though, she was smiling!

So, this gives me two questions … first, why was I not knocked out by the poop smell?  Either my cold is worse than I thought and I have lost all smelling ability, or my child has learned to completely de-stinkify poop.  And more importantly, why is my child not bothered by the fact that there was poop ALL over her!? 

I’m going to have that dirty, stinky child that all the other kids make fun of.  I just know it.  At least MY nose won’t be able to smell it! 


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  1. It’s funny that I found this through searching Google. Well, from my experiences, baby poop doesn’t always stink. Normally it’s the black runny stuff that doesn’t really smell, but is normally the most common in blowouts (I hate Luvs!)

    Okay, I’ll counter your blowout story with one of my own. My mom has triplets (2 boys, one girl), it was their first 4th of July. They were 2 months old and were on heart monitors and were on regular feedings every 3 hours day and night and I was helping my mom all summer. Well, they started the 4th of July celebration early. It was 1am, and they were getting their trihourly feeding. Well, I started holding one, and he pooped out his diaper, it came up the top and all over my shirt. Okay, I handed him off to mom, and she handed me my other brother. Moments later, he did the same. I was like “Augh! C’mon!” and handed him off to mom, and she gave me Shannon….well, not to be outdone by the boys, she spewed out the top of her diaper as well. My t-shirt and shorts were absolutely covered by this charcoal black, barely consistent poop. I tried cleaning it off, but it was no hope, and I had to strip and throw away the clothes. But, they sure knew how to celebrate the 4th! They made their own fireworks! *BOOM!* By the end of it all, I wasn’t upset, I was hysterical! It was sooo funny! And yes, they were all smiles when they pooped all over me!

    It doesn’t matter how congested you are, of a baby makes a real stinker, you will smell it, guaranteed. You could be sprayed by a skunk in the face and not smell it, but when a baby fumigates the room, it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. But not all poop stinks. Just most of it. The worst is that yellowish green stuff. We had a lot of blowouts with that stuff, and all over their shirts all up their backs, down their legs. They were all sick, and constantly pooping out their diapers. It wasn’t much fun.

    Later on, we were having trouble potty training my brother. He would go up to pee, but he just wouldn’t go to the bathroom to poop and ended up pooping his pants. Then, he’d run…. That wasn’t much fun, either. As he wasn’t in diapers at the time, it was always all over the place.

    He knew what he was doing. He’d push and grunt, and my mom would ask if he has to go potty, and he’d say “no”. Then he’d yell “NO!” My mom would tell him to use the potty and he’d yell and run. He just didn’t like pooping on the toilet, I guess. He’s fine, now, though. They’re 8 years old, now. I’d say he’s been successfully potty trained for about 2 years. I know 6 is kinda late, but we started when he was 3, when he had reached the point of taking off his diaper and smearing it on the walls…. The other two were ready before him. He was always the slower one. He’s mom’s special baby. I’m trying to remember what he has. It’s a thinning of the cerebral cortex. 3 letters… It’s not CP, but I think “cerebral” was a part of the term.

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