Why we will never all STTN at the same time.

Sleeping through the night (STTN) is a four letter word to me.  Oh, look at that … STTN really IS four letters!  Wow.  Oh, um, I was talking about something, huh?  Anyway … EVERYONE thinks Sabine should STTN but she is no where near agreeing with them.  We are lucky to get four hours out of her on most nights.  This is really ok with me.  I don’t mind getting up with her at all.  What I DO mind is the constant unsolicited advice I get on how to make her sleep longer.  She will sleep longer when she is READY.  End of story.

So, Last night Sabine went to bed at 10pm.  I fell asleep shortly after, had to be up at 5am to get ready for work.  2am (when she normally wakes up) I wake up, Sabine is still asleep.  3am, still asleep.  I silently thank her for the extra hour.  4am, still asleep.  I’m THRILLED!  Six hours of sleep!  So wonderful! 

By 4:30am I am so exicited I can no longer sleep at all (which, by the way, defeats the purpose of baby STTN) so I wake up Brandon and say “Bean is going to f-ing sleep through MY night!”.  He, obviously, doesn’t care because he is now not sleeping through HIS night.
Five minutes later, Sabine wakes up hungry.  Murphy’s friggin’ law.


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