Happy Easter, all!

Happy Easter, everyone! This year was infinitely more fun with Sabine around … even though she didn’t really know what the hell was going on. We made sure to buy her LOTS of candy, then took the hit for her and ate it ourselves. So sweet of us. She ended up with some books, a stuffed bunny, a wicked tie-dyed dog from my mom, and a mesh feeder. Now, I know she can’t use the mesh feeder for, oh, three more months, but I’m so obsessed with the dang thing I decided to just buy it and put it away for future use. I bought her crib six months before she was born, why not a mesh feeder three months before she can use it?

And now, some pics (from Easter and some from before) …

All of her Easter goodies:

Sabine’s Easter bunny was MILK chocolate (har, har):

Some inappropriate behavior we should probably get a handle on:

What? You were expecting a bunny, maybe?

The happy Easter girl:

Excuse me … I’m busy sitting like a big girl. You can go now:

Yeah, that’s my soccer ball. What of it? Ok I liked. Its the dog’s:

Why do we have a cat that’s bigger than me, mom?


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