I swear I have a pretty baby.

I really do.  I just take shitty pictures, so you can’t tell.  I think I have the most gorgeous daughter in the world.  I know ALL moms do, but really, she is beautiful.  But I swear, sometimes I look at pictures I’ve taken of her and I think “That’s not my baby.”  I can never catch the cuteness!  She has these killer grins and I always get her mouth at the biggest gaped moment so she looks like she’s screaming.  Or when she has one eye closed.  Its ridiculous.

I’m sure part of it is that I have just a plain ol’ Nikon Coolpix digital that I use … but, I’m just not willing to shell out the cash for a better camera.  Maybe I’ll start using my old Pentax manual 35mm SLR.  At least my pictures rocked on it.  I bet the Walmart photo people would give me odd looks.  Does anyone even develop film anymore!?

Anyway, here are a few craptastic pictures of my (I SWEAR TO YOU!) heavenly, gorgeous, fabulous, child:

See? Really a smile.

Dangly things are stoopid.

We wake up like this at 3am. Not fuzzy, but smiley.

Again, the baby is no fuzzy … just the picture.



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